Claire Bransgrove from No Method and Niel Mostert Mr SA

Nelson Mandela Day – Peace Home with Claire Bransgrove from No Method and Niel Mostert Mr SA

Nelson Mandela Day – Peace Home with
Claire Bransgrove from No Method and Niel Mostert Mr SA

We end the day off with our local and international singer Claire BransgroveNo Method is a music duo consisting of Sam World (music composer/DJ) and Claire Rose (singer-songwriter).

The duo, although brand new are fast to becoming a house hold name in the music scene with their first release LET ME GO which has had and still going through a massive viral success, racking up over 11 million views on YouTube so far. Still rising day by day, the single has charted at the number 1 position in South Africa with 5FM and Goodhope Fm Radio stationrespectfully and is currently climbing the charts in Europe where it has recently been released in some territories with more to be announced soon.

The viral love for No Method shows no signs of slowing down as their first single Let Me Go hits new heights as the most Shazamed track in 15 countries to date.

Claire, you made us all proud Thank you for spending all your volunteer time with our kids!🙂 
Thank you for the amazing cup cakes too!

Niel Mostert – Mr South Africa contestant 
Massive thank you to Niel, who took the time and join us on Madiba day!🙂Ambassador and a role model for all Peace Home children🇿🇦

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Claire Bransgrove from No Method

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