What Peace Home Does

Peace Home is a home where children who are victims of abuse find a safe haven. The founder and Ma of Peace Home is Aziza Nolan, and she is assisted by her nephew Suleiman Nolan Gasnola.

These children (lovely kids they are!) are mostly from our community and surrounds. Some of the children arrived from the streets, and some were removed by the police from abusive houses, and they arrive with absolutely nothing. ANY help, in any form, whatsoever, are so needed and will be so very much appreciated.

Peace Home is situated in Sunningdale, and is a regular home, where the kids get to enjoy movie night on a Friday, jump on their trampoline and play games, go to school, sleep in on a Saturday, receive a lot of love and attention, get counselling and get to experience a real loving home, for the first time ever in their young lives. They even have two awesome dogs, Bruno and Inga (rescue dogs)!